MBTI Foundation Programme

This course is delivered by The Myers-Briggs Company in collaboration with AGCAS and will qualify you in MBTI Step 1, Parts 1 and 2.

Please read the MBTI information sheet and The Power of MBTI for more information. PLEASE IGNORE THE DATES. Click on BOOK NOW and email us your interest in participating on this course. Once we have received sufficient numbers we will contact you to arrange a date for the course.

During the course there is provision of the following core interpretative and resource materials for each course participant:

  • MBTI User’s Guide and all workshop handouts and materials
  • MBTI Manual (e-book) and UK Manual Supplement
  • Introduction to Type
  • Development workbook
  • Feedback cards
  • A computer-generated MBTI report for each participant
  • Materials necessary to complete the fieldwork
  • A further copy of the Introduction to Type booklet and Development Workbook will be given out by the trainer on the final day of the workshop along with a Flip a Type Tip

On successful completion of the workshop, participants will be provided with access to The Myers-Briggs Company Limited’s OPPassessment system. This allows electronic administration, scoring and report generation of the MBTI instrument. Each participant will receive one administration unit of the MBTI Step 1 Personal Impact Report once they have successfully completed the workshops and assessments.

The course takes place in two blocks – a three-day residential course and a follow-up one day course. All four days have to be attended to gain the MBTI Step 1 qualification. 

This course can be undertaken as part of the Psychometric Assessment module within the CEIGHE MA/PG Diploma delivered by The University of Warwick in collaboration with AGCAS. CEIGHE registrants are supported by materials and resources from both the AGCAS and The University of Warwick’s websites. The module can also be satisfied by the online Test User Ability Certificate of Competence in Occupational Testing course.

Whilst the course is attended by registrants as part of the AGCAS/Warwick CEIGHE qualification it is also open to non-registrants.

The cost for this three-day residential course includes the training sessions, refreshments, meals and en-suite accommodation for two nights. AGCAS Training Vouchers can NOT be used for full or part payment of this course.

If you would like to stay at Warwick the night before, please contact Warwick Conferences on 024 7657 3925. Please note that AGCAS will not be involved in these additional arrangements and you will be required to pay Warwick directly.