Heads of Service Conference 2019

Careers Leadership: Pioneering and Pathfinding


Management is what you do when you can reasonably predict the future. Leadership is what you do when you cannot predict but have to create the future.

We are in a period of great transition in the world of work. It is increasingly difficult to be confident about what the future will look like and what it will take to be successful.

This is true for our students and graduates, who will need to think and act like leaders to find and navigate their unique path to long-term success in the uncharted territory of a rapidly changing employment market.

It is equally true for Heads of HE careers services operating in an HE sector that continues to be subject to powerful forces of change pointing to an uncertain future for our institutions. There is an increasing need for Heads of Service in HE careers to:

  • lead the debate, set the agenda and orchestrate stakeholders and partners to create the strategic vision for careers and employability within their institutions, their regions and beyond
  • lead the way in thinking creatively about how to equip students and graduates for this uncertain future and how to have greater impact with limited resources by making courageous strategic and operational choices
  • lead, inspire and equip their teams to respond proactively to an environment of change and uncertainty, whilst continuing to deliver high quality careers and employability support

The aim of next year’s AGCAS Heads of Service conference is to explore the leadership qualities required to be the pioneers and pathfinders the sector needs now.

This time the event is divided into three parts:

  • Leadership Refresher Training 9 January (open to new, existing and aspiring Heads of Service and deputies)
  • Conference and Exhibition 10 January (open to all, including sponsors and exhibitors)
  • AGCAS Member Business and Development Day 11 January (open to AGCAS members and invited representatives from related sector bodies only)

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Optional Leadership Refresher Training

This one-day course is an opportunity to explore the leadership necessary to develop a thriving service culture amidst the challenges of digital transformation and increasing scrutiny of value for money. Training is delivered by experienced Heads of Service using case studies and lived experiences to equip you to lead well in uncertain times. Suitable for new and existing heads, deputy heads and aspiring heads of all levels of experience.

Optional Leadership Refresher Training programme