Bridging the Gap: Demystifying, exploring and challenging trends in talent acquisition, recruitment ethics and practices

NEW DATES for BRAND NEW pilot training course

This training course enables participants to develop an overview of up-to-date recruitment practices and talent acquisition in a wider context. Participants are encouraged to reflect on their experiences of working with students and/or employers (e.g. SMEs, large organisations, student jobs, internships, graduate schemes, UK and international) and explore ways our practice can bridge gaps between employer and student perspectives.

The course will critique the role of employers and careers services in ethical recruitment and talent acquisition and explore how to equip students to navigate these processes. We will consider theoretical perspectives behind differential employment outcomes for students from backgrounds disadvantaged in the labour market and how to demystify the encoded language of recruitment to make the implicit explicit.


Participate in this course, and by the end you should be able to:

  • Comprehensively identify the key recruitment practices used by a range of employers.
  • Describe and explain the theory and reasoning behind different recruitment practices including competency-based recruitment, strengths-based recruitment and psychometric testing.
  • Critically evaluate the challenges faced by students, employers and careers services in talent acquisition and recruitment processes.
  • Apply this critical evaluation to enhance your own practice in supporting stakeholders, using the lens of supporting students from diverse backgrounds to navigate recruitment practices.
  • Critique the role of employers in ethical recruitment and talent acquisition and generate ideas to work with employers to create fairer talent acquisition and recruitment practices.
  • Reflect on current and future trends in recruitment practices, for example automation, artificial intelligence and gamification, and how these are being addressed in your institution.
  • Evaluate your role in anticipating and influencing the future of student and graduate recruitment.
  • Critically reflect on your own practice and produce a personal action plan to apply the above knowledge and ideas in your own context.

Two days’ virtual delivery with additional pre and post-course webinar and work. This pilot course is due to be developed and delivered from 2022–23 as an optional module on the AGCAS/Warwick CEIGHE qualification. It is open to all, not exclusively CEIGHE participants.