Job Titles and Reporting lines

Job titles for Heads of Careers Services have been evolving in recent years. In the last 5-10 years many became Directors or Heads of Careers and Employability but there have been further iterations more recently, such as:

  • Head of Careers, Employability and Enterprise
  • Director of Employability and Enterprise
  • Head of Employability, Enterprise and Employer Engagement
  • Director of Student Opportunity
  • Head of Skills and Employability
  • Head of Employability and Inclusivity
  • Head of Student Success

These newer job titles give some indication of evolving and differing institutional priorities. It may be worth considering how accurately your job title and current job description now reflects the range of work you are responsible for and the impact expected, and raising this with your line manager.

Some universities are creating new senior management team roles and re-organising management structures and in some cases leaders of careers and employability teams are now reporting in to new management structures.

Universities have recently advertised roles such as:

  • Director of Student Success and Engagement
  • Director of Widening Participation and Social Mobility