Widening Participation and Diversity Glossary

The glossary aims to bring together a wide variety of terminology and language related to Widening Participation and Social Mobility that is commonly used across institutions. This resource can be used as an introduction to, or reminder of, key terms and acronyms. It also aims to support colleagues who may be responsible for developing others' understanding of a holistic approach to Widening Participation and its aims, objectives, challenges and initiatives. 

 Widening Participation Audit Tool

The WP Audit Tool aims to support Careers Services to identify and appraise the range of the work being undertaken to support Widening Participation and Social Mobility, understand the important role within a University-wide context and determine 'what's next'. The resource will be particularly useful to support colleagues new to Widening Participation within a Careers context or by institutions who are at the beginning of their journey in assessing their current practice. The Audit Tool asks you to consider three broad topics: Understanding and Defining Social Mobility; Collaboration and Strategic Alignment; and Design, Delivery and Evaluation. Each topic has three subtopics aiming to prompt consideration and research into current work, collaborations, targets and processes etc within your Careers Service and institution-wide; please venture beyond these prompts in your audit where possible! The Implementation Plan section recognises that tangible actions should be planned, undertaken and monitored as a result of the points identified through completing the Audit Tool.