19 July 2021

About the group

The group aims to provide training, a community of support and resources for careers staff working with international students, as well as advocacy on key international student issues through government consultations.  

Our Terms of Reference also include an aim of enhancing professional practise around global mobility  - which includes home student mobility - and we plan to incorporate this into our work in the coming year.

The group meets virtually three to four times annually, and we organise training events for AGCAS members virtually (and in-person previously every 12-18 months). We regularly communicate via email and Teams too.

What we are looking for

We are keen to encourage applications from all areas of careers activity, including careers education and guidance practitioners, employer liaison and information specialists. You will need to demonstrate a passion for and understanding of international student employability and global mobility however you do not need to be a specialist in either area.  We also aim to be representative of the AGCAS membership and therefore encourage applications from all types of higher education provider.

You will need to be willing to devote time to keeping up to date and co-collating feedback on international student issues; co-developing resources; posting on our LinkedIn Group; and taking part in organising and/or delivering training.

Please note:

The task group plan to meet next at 3pm on Tuesday 14 September, which we'd be keen for new recruits to join if possible


Please feel free to contact the Task Group Co-Chairs and with questions you might have about the group. 

How to apply

If you are interested in becoming a member of the group, please complete an application form and submit to by 17:00 on 3 September 2021.