NEW AGCAS Job profile live on Prospects

13 July 2021

AGCAS has produced a brand new Education mental health practitioner (EHMP) Job profile, which is now live on the Prospects website. The profile has been written by AGCAS member Aste Dahl from the University of Bath and also includes a graduate case study, providing a personal insight into the role.

The EMHP Job profile has been created as part of AGCAS's joint commitment with Prospects to produce relevant and current careers information content for the benefit of students, graduates, careers professionals and the wider HE community.

About the profile

This is a relatively new role that focuses on providing support to children and young people who have mild to moderate mental health issues, typically anxiety, depression and behavioural difficulties. EMHPs work primarily in schools and colleges, providing low intensity interventions that usually include CBT and guided self-help.

The profile looks in more detail at the role – what EMHPs do, how to qualify, the pay, what experience you need, typical employers, professional development opportunities and career prospects.

The role is part of a government initiative to provide more mental health support in schools and colleges. As a relatively new job, it will take time for the role to develop. The profile will be kept up to date to reflect new developments and career prospects as they emerge.

Download the EMHP Job profile

Graduate roles in mental health

Mental ill-health is a major issue facing the country and can affect anyone - children, young people and adults. It has become even more prevalent during the pandemic. It is therefore vital that there is a qualified workforce to support and help people facing these issues.

The new EMHP profile is therefore a timely and useful addition to the AGCAS careers resources and complements our other existing mental health-related Job profiles:

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