Volunteers wanted to moderate Prospects Planner ratings

31 July 2019

Prospects are looking for volunteers from the AGCAS membership to moderate their Planner ratings.

What is Planner?

Planner is a computer-based careers guidance tool that aims to match a person’s skills, motivations and desires to relevant occupations. At the heart of the system is a database of almost 500 AGCAS Job profiles that are rated from 1 to 10 against the 61 Planner questions as follows:

  • 1 - not part of the job at all
  • 10 - massively important to the job
  • 5 - not sure either way.

This rating is done in-house by Prospects editors.

The results can also be used to discuss possible career options, planning and strategy with careers advisers and related staff.

Visit the Planner website.

How can AGCAS members help?

Prospects are looking for a careers adviser to moderate a sample of around 50 of the Job profiles to check that the scores they have been given are representative of the job.

The work could be completed either by one careers adviser doing the whole sample or several careers advisers splitting the sample amongst them.

There may be further Job profiles to moderate in 2020, if necessary, after the first wave of moderation is complete.

How do I volunteer?

To register your interest in this opportunity, please contact Rachel Swain, Prospects Editorial Manager, by Friday 16 August 2019.

The deadline for completion of the work is mid-September 2019.