05 September 2019

Each year the AGCAS Board determine suitable nominees for the Significant Influence Award. This year there were a number of individuals who have demonstrated an outstanding and sustained contribution to the work of AGCAS. It was decided that not one but four individuals would be receiving the award.

Andrew Whitmore

Andrew joined the Victoria University of Manchester and UMIST Careers Service in 1989 as the youngest Careers Consultant in the team, and the first to hold a Careers Guidance qualification. He is a former member of the AGCAS Board who, most recently, represented AGCAS at a national level regarding the development of the new Graduate Outcomes Survey in collaboration with HEFCE, the ONS, HESA and the DFE. He played a key role in the HESA working group which reviewed the DLHE and contributed significantly to AGCAS’s response to the HESA consultation.

Claire Rees

Claire has worked in a number of AGCAS member services during her career and throughout that time she has been a tireless supporter and volunteer for AGCAS. An AGCAS trainer since 1993 she co-designed the Management of Higher Education Careers and Employability Services with Eluned Jones. Throughout her involvement Claire has taken part in numerous working parties and Task Groups including the Prospects Liaison Sub-Committee and the Training and Development Sub-committee. Claire has also been a regular contributor to AGCAS publications including writing occupational profiles and ‘what can you do with your degree? titles.

Eluned Jones

As president of the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS) from 2014- 2016,  Eluned demonstrated her commitment to the value and potential of the HE Careers Profession by leading significant changes to the culture of the association itself which has enabled our professional community and national representation to go from strength to strength.  Recognising the importance of leadership and management development for the success of our profession, Eluned initiated and co-delivered the first AGCAS Careers Service Leadership Course which has now run for over 5 years.

Shelagh Green

Shelagh was AGCAS President from 2016 to 2019 and led the organisation while we made significant changes to how AGCAS is run including changing our Charitable Objects and Articles of Association. Shelagh’s willingness to be the President who oversaw ‘updating the plumbing’ as she put it, has led to our new governance structure which is enabling AGCAS to deliver on our strategic aims.

In Scotland, Shelagh has been instrumental in building links and spotting opportunities, so that AGCAS Scotland is now seen as the go-to organisation in Scotland for comment on HE careers and skills information.