Eluned Jones: My time as AGCAS President

30 August 2016

Eluned Jones stepped down from the AGCAS Board of Directors at the end of July following the end of her two-year term as AGCAS President. During her time on the Board, Eluned represented AGCAS at the highest levels, promoting the AGCAS message. We thank Eluned for her invaluable contribution to the AGCAS Board and the wider AGCAS community.

The experience

Describing her term of office, Eluned said:

"It has been a huge privilege to serve AGCAS as its President over the past two years and it has been a wonderfully rewarding experience working alongside such a remarkable group of colleagues; members, Board and AGCAS staff.

My experience as President has also confirmed to me that we are the most remarkable professional association, full of passion, innovation and creativity. I’m sure we all believe that to be true at a national level, but my Presidential wanderings, where I was so fortunate to meet many of our international peers, also brought home to me how highly rated we are at a global level for our achievements, profile and impact. I firmly believe that we are now at a point where we can take full advantage of our unique position within the UK HE sector in order to continue building on our outstanding brand and flexing our professional muscles in so many positive ways.

I wish Shelagh, Elaine, the Board, the staff and the membership all the very best for what promises to be a very bright future for AGCAS at local, national and international levels.”

Moving forward

Immediately following Eluned's departure, Shelagh Green, Director of Careers Service at The University of Edinburgh, commenced her term of office as AGCAS President. Shelagh comments:

"I’m thrilled to be taking over the role of President. Eluned has done a phenomenal job in her stewardship of AGCAS, increasing our profile and impact at home and abroad and ensuring the organisation has the resource and structure necessary to capitalise on this.

I’m very much looking forward to working with colleagues across the membership, the AGCAS Board and staff over the next two years to develop this further. In the meantime, a huge thanks to Eluned (and her colleagues at Birmingham) for her time, dedication and passion for the work of AGCAS, which was so exemplified in her presidency.