AGCAS Scotland


AGCAS Scotland aims to collaborate for mutual support in the enhancement of HE Careers Services in Scotland and to support the strategic priorities of AGCAS:


Through a Scotland Training Group, identify common, strategic staff learning and development needs linked to present and future Scottish challenges. Liaise with AGCAS to determine the most suitable way to deliver these, and contribute to the delivery of high quality training, events, networking, peer support and sharing of good practice.

Organise and deliver an annual conference focussing on careers and employability issues of interest to the membership viewed through a Scottish context and policy lens.


Through a Scotland Community Group, create a sense of common purpose so all services and members feel engaged and represented.

As a supportive community of practice, share issues of common interest and offer peer support.


Develop and maintain strategic links with key organisations, policy makers and devolved government in Scotland for the benefit of the HE Careers Services in Scotland and the wider AGCAS community.

Be the primary source of information and expert opinion on student and graduate careers, employability and the graduate labour market in Scotland. Provide a lobbying voice in Scotland for the membership.

Through an AGCAS Scotland Advocacy representative, respond to consultations and requests for information to support and inform AGCAS advocacy campaigns.

Research and Knowledge

Identify and contribute to research projects relevant to the membership.


Maintain high quality standards and contribute to AGCAS being recognised as a professional body.

Strategic Development Group

  1. Tracey Innes, University of Aberdeen - Convenor of AGCAS Scotland
  2. Megan Davies, University of Stirling - AGCAS Community Committee Representative
  3. Gail Angus, University of Glasgow - Chair of AGCAS Scotland Community Group