Holistic and Mindfulness Practices: Integrating Creative Approaches into Careers Advising

South East Learning Group event designed to open up new approaches in delivery of advice and guidance to HE Careers Advisers who are looking for innovative and creative ways of working with students and clients.

Participants in this training session will have the chance to practice with some new tools and learn mindfulness-based and creative techniques which can be applied when working with clients.

Tools and topics will include:

  • Mindfulness – what is it and how can it help alleviate the stress our students face in their job search and career decision making process?
  • Get a boost from your past, and the power of positive thinking – affirmations gratitude journals and setting intentions can help when you are feeling a lack of hope or just want a powerful boost for your job search.
  • Visualisation exercises – Pro-athletes use visualisation techniques to imagine their performance in a game or event before it happens. Interview candidates can tap this valuable tool.
  • Face your fear, free your energy – explore your worst case scenario and face those fears as a means of getting unstuck and freeing up energy that is being wasted on worry.
  • Bulls eye exercise – an insightful and comprehensive tool for career and job search decision making, especially helpful when you are torn between two options.

Brought to you by the South East Learning Group, the session is facilitated by Sabrina Woods, a Holistic Career Coach and LinkedIn trainer with over 15 years’ experience in Harvard University, Northeastern University and Queen Mary. Sabrina has taught at organisations such as MIT, Harvard Medical School, Tufts and Caltech. She has an international reputation for effective training with a variety of clients including universities. The workshop is designed to produce improvements in members’ knowledge, skills and confidence and as such will build professional competence.

Further to this training session:

LinkedIn Train-the-Trainer workshop, 17 December 2018, 14:30–17:00, University of London, Senate House

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