Challenges of Careers Work in HE

For all careers service staff – regardless of role and level of experience – who would like to develop a clearer understanding of the broader context they are working in. Also highly relevant to those moving into careers work in HE from other sectors.

This course is being adapted for online delivery with programme of bite-size sessions running over three days, programme to follow.

The course is designed to develop reflective practice in careers education, information and guidance in HE (CEIGHE), focusing on the student and key stakeholder experience; the evolution and current development of higher education; the management of CEIGHE work; roles, organisations and policies; professional ethics, theoretical perspectives and values.

  • Focuses on contracting and career theories and models providing an understanding of how and why careers services function in the way that they do.
  • Explores the political and strategic context in which Higher Education careers work takes place and the importance of stakeholder relationships in day to day practice.
  • Concentrates on particular issues affecting individuals and brings all the learning together through applied learning and action planning.

All of this is achieved through a blend of pre-course learning and input and activities throughout the course, raising awareness and prompting discussion and debate, exploring issues with each other in a supportive environment and laying the groundwork for the essay which will be written for The University of Warwick for those who are registrants on the PGCert or PG Dip course.

By the end of this course, participants should be able to:

  • define the current issues facing HE institutions recognising their impact on the work of careers staff
  • describe the theoretical perspectives underpinning careers work and relate these to models of delivery
  • recognise the skills necessary to respond to challenge and start to develop those appropriate to their role
  • develop a personal training action plan.

Here's what some previous participants had to say:

“I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated opportunities to learn from colleagues at other universities. The activities which asked us to engage in debate or offer advice were very useful.”

“A varied way of approaching activities that kept things fresh and moving; we are all from different institutions and contexts so it is a difficult balance to ensure everyone is getting what they need. A lot of ground was covered…The trainers gave lots of opportunities for discussion and reflection; the case study was really useful in giving practical experience of applying what we had learned.”

“I really enjoyed the case study activity on the final day because we were able to take charge of the solutions to the challenges. This was helpful to see the challenges from a different perspective of those having to make major decisions about the service like the Director of Careers, SMT, or even the VC. I also really benefited from the "Dream Team" session. It was great to chat to a small group of colleagues honestly about a personal challenge. I believe we all truly helped each other find a resolution to the challenge.”

Outline syllabus

The course is delivered by The University of Warwick in collaboration with AGCAS; it is compulsory for CEIGHE MA, PG Diploma, PG Certificate and PG Award registrants. Registrants are supported by materials and resources from both the AGCAS and The University of Warwick’s websites.

It is also open to non-registrants whose course support and materials will be provided solely by AGCAS.

Additional information for CEIGHE registrants