Psychometric Assessment Training Day

SOLD OUT An AGCAS summer event from the Psychometric Assessment Task Group about the latest trends in psychometric tests – Gamification (Pymetrics and Arctic Shores), Situational Judgement Tests (The Cabinet Office) and Strengths assessments (CAPP)

A workshop suitable for anyone interested in psychometric testing, including those with no prior knowledge.

Test versions of psychometric tests are available for you to try-out before the event with sample tests provided by the Employers/Providers.

Come along to this event and be able to update your own career service on current and future trends and how we can help students improve their performance with psychometric testing. Speakers include:

  • The Cabinet Office James McShea, Principal Psychologist and Katy Welsh, Psychometrician/Testing Specialist 
  • Pymetrics Nadia Waheed, Business Psychologist
  • Arctic Shores Tara Franks, Business Psychologist and Federica Rusmini, Senior Business Psychologist
  • CAPP Emily Bryant, Head of Marketing