Regionalisation Working Party

Regionalisation is a key strategic pillar for AGCAS. Through the Regionalisation Working Party, we are developing an AGCAS position on key issues around regional labour market and skills gaps and developing an online toolkit to support AGCAS members with regional issues.

Chair: Paul Gratrick, AGCAS Regionalisation Director, University of Liverpool

  • Adele Browne, De Montfort University
  • Laura Dorian, Durham University
  • Lara Brewer, Aston University
  • Steve Gaskin, University of Plymouth
  • Tilly Neill, University of Northampton
  • Eilis Coyle, Ulster University
  • Sandra Wright, University of Strathclyde
  • Andrew Hirst, University of York
  • Ellen Cocking, Open University
  • Philippa Hewitt, School of Oriential and African Studies (SOAS)
  • Emma Adamson, University of South Wales
  • Monika Antal, Yorkshire Universities
  • Elaine Boyes, AGCAS
  • Gabi Binnie, AGCAS

Terms of Reference

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