In Partnership with Prospects

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Job profiles

We produce 500 detailed Job profiles, covering the broad range of roles that new and recent graduates are most interested in and likely to enter. Profiles provide information about entry requirements, work activities and typical responsibilities, professional development opportunities, salaries, career prospects and where to find the vacancies.

Job profiles are updated every two years and many feature case studies from real graduates in real jobs, offering prospective students, students and graduates a real-life insight into potential careers.

What can I do with my degree?

This series provides an overview of the career paths available and different options open to current students and graduates. What can I do with my degree? titles highlight the skills gained through study and include details of how students can make themselves more employable. There are 100 degree subjects in the series, updated every two years, from Accountancy to Zoology.

Many of these titles feature case studies from real graduates who are either in work or undertaking further study or vocational training, offering prospective students a flavour of what they can go on to do with a particular degree subject.