Past conference resources

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Here you can find a collection of resources from past AGCAS conferences. 

Please be aware that these may be locked down to AGCAS members. However, if you require access and you aren't a member please contact our Learning Team directly. 

AGCAS Annual Conference (members only)

AGCAS Annual Conference 2021

AGCAS Alternative Conference 2020

AGCAS Annual Conference 2019

AGCAS Annual Conference 2018

AGCAS Annual Conference 2017 

AGCAS Heads of Service Conference (heads of service only)

AGCAS Heads of Service conference 2021 
If you are a conference delegate or AGCAS member who cannot access this page, and you require access to a specific conference session recording, please contact

AGCAS Heads of Service conference 2020

AGCAS Heads of Service conference 2019

AGCAS Heads of Service conference 2018

AGCAS Research Conference

AGCAS Research Conference 2019

AGCAS Research Conference 2018

AGCAS Research Conference 2017

AGCAS Scotland Annual Conference (members only)

AGCAS Scotland Annual Conference 2019

AGCAS Scotland Annual Conference 2018


2020 conference resources

Supporting researchers in uncertain times

Connecting PGTs with Employers

2019 conference resources

Career Mentoring in HE Conference 

Skills awards networking event 

Employer Engagement Conference 2019

Disability Task Group Training Day

Psychometric Assessment Conference 2019

Placements and Work Related Learning Conference 

Internationalisation Conference

2018 conference resources

Use of Data in Higher Education Careers - Scotland

NHS Conference 2018

Law and Technology (members only)

Pharm/Biotech Industry Conference 2018 (members only)

Skills Awards Conference 2018 (members only)

PGT: Mastering Expectations 2018 (members only)

Information Conference 2018

Education Alternatives 2018 (members only)

2017 conference resources

PGT: Accelerate - Get Your PGTs Moving Faster 2017 


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