The Student and Graduate Engagement Task Group are Currently Seeking Seven New Members

04 August 2021

About the group

After a recent consultation with AGCAS membersthe Community Committee have agreed to establish a student and graduate engagement task group that will:

  • enhance confidence and identify barriers or concerns around student and graduate engagement.
  • identify the common language used and utilise this to support our member’s marketing and communication activities.
  • enhance professional knowledge and practice around student and graduate engagement including social media.
  • investigate the patterns of differential student and graduate engagement across different groups and demographics.
  • discover examples of good practice and highlight strategies, as well as leading on innovating new ideas
  • support understanding of current trends including developing marketing campaigns that support student and graduate engagement.

The task group will also:

  • share good practice through events and resources, supporting expertise in student and graduate engagement such as social media and marketing approaches.
  • support advocacy by being thought leaders around student and graduate engagement.
  • develop and share unique insights into student and graduate engagement with careers and employability support.

What we are looking for

The task group are currently looking for seven members.

As a new task group, we are keen to welcome members who have an interest, or currently work, in a role focused on student and/or graduate engagement. We look for members who are keen to contribute to events and sharing good practice.

We particularly welcome applications from members and affiliates with strong knowledge around digital marketing and communication, including use of social media.

Inclusivity statement

We want our task groups, working groups and volunteer networks to reflect our diverse membership and seek volunteers that will help us to celebrate our professional expertise and experiences.

We welcome volunteer applications from all members and affiliates working at all levels and within the different facets of the careers and employability profession; regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, age, ethnicity, cultural background or intersecting identities.


Please feel free to contact Task Group Chair, Pinar Mehmet with any questions you might have about the task group or for an informal conversation.

How to apply

If you are interested in becoming the member of the group, please complete an application form and submit it to by 17:00 on Friday 10 September 2021.