Updated Job profiles live on Prospects

14 February 2019

The February 2019 set of updated AGCAS Job profiles is now live on the Prospects website.

Job profiles

  1. Amenity horticulturist
  2. Airline pilot
  3. Business adviser
  4. Cardiologist
  5. Chiropractor
  6. Clothing/textile technologist
  7. Commercial horticulturist
  8. Creative director
  9. Ecologist
  10. Engineering geologist
  11. Ergonomist
  12. Healthcare scientist, histocompatibility and immunogenetics 
  13. Insurance claims handler
  14. Magazine features editor
  15. Maintenance engineer
  16. Solicitor


All the above Job profiles are produced with our partners Graduate Prospects and are given an in-depth review every two years to make sure the information is up to date and reflects the current salary, qualifications, training and opportunities available in each job. 

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