Updated AGCAS content live on Prospects

01 November 2018

The latest batch of updated Job profiles and What can I do with my degree? titles are now live on the Prospects website:

Job profiles

  1. Application analyst
  2. Architectural technologist
  3. Compliance officer
  4. Consulting civil engineer
  5. Contracting civil engineer
  6. Energy manager
  7. Healthcare scientist, medical physics
  8. Landscape architect
  9. Licensed conveyancer 
  10. Management consultant
  11. Medical sales representative
  12. Nature conservation officer
  13. Patent examiner
  14. Personal assistant
  15. Physiotherapist
  16. Press photographer
  17. Primary school teacher
  18. Project manager
  19. Psychological wellbeing practitioner
  20. Public relations officer
  21. Research scientist, physical sciences
  22. Risk manager
  23. Scientific laboratory technician
  24. Stockbroker
  25. Teaching laboratory technician
  26. Television production coordinator
  27. Toxicologist
  28. Trade union research officer
  29. Travel agency manager
  30. UX researcher
  31. Water quality scientist

What can I do with my degree?

  1. Chemical engineering
  2. Fine art
  3. Geography


All the above content is jointly produced with our partners Graduate Prospects. Job profiles and What can I do with my degree? titles are given an in-depth review every two years to make sure the information is up to date and reflects the current salary, qualifications, training and opportunities available in each job. Graduate destinations information is updated on an annual basis with the latest figures on what graduates have gone on to do six months after graduation.

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