05 September 2018

The winners of the AGCAS Significant Contribution Award 2018 are the University of Glasgow, The University of Edinburgh and The University of Sheffield for their collaboration on the launch of a massive open online course (MOOC) offering tailored careers support to research students and research staff across the world where there is no, or limited, dedicated careers support available. The online course, Careers Management for Early Career Academic Researchers, is the first ever career management MOOC developed for this audience.

The careers consultants involved are members of the AGCAS Research Students and Research Staff Task Group, or the AGCAS Scotland equivalent. This partnership between English and Scottish HEIs has ensured that the wider UK HE perspective was accounted for.

Over 1000 researchers from more than 30 countries actively engaged with the first course. Feedback from researchers engaging with the course noted that ‘the course is impeccably designed, perfectly structured and neatly organised’. The success of this MOOC was a result of a shared vision of success with concrete objectives established early on. There was an emphasis on developing trust and mutual respect, achieved through the group’s ability to establish effective and asynchronous communication throughout the project.

Judges comments

the winner of this category demonstrated global impact, scale and sustainability with a hard to reach client group