Welcome to Marc Lintern, AGCAS President

13 July 2020

When I joined AGCAS as a young Careers Adviser at Portsmouth University I never thought I would be elected as President of the Association. And, when I stood as President last July, I could not have predicted the events of the past few months and the dramatic impact it has had.

So, I am honoured by the trust of those who have elected me, and I am excited by the challenges which lie ahead. There is no doubt that we will look back at 2020 as a year that changed the world for ever, and at times like these, the work we do really matters.

While the Covid-19 pandemic is no doubt uppermost in our minds, especially when planning for a socially distanced academic year ahead, we must also ensure that the death of George Floyd leads to real change in terms of equality, diversity and opportunity for all. 

Within this context, we must do all that we can to avoid having a significant number of students unable to meet their potential because of a lack of opportunities, a lack of hope, or because they don’t have the right contacts. With budgets tightened, and employers reviewing their recruitment needs, this won’t be easy, but through collaborating with our partners, and influencing policy makers, AGCAS has a crucial role in navigating a difficult and unprecedented situation. While always ensuring we learn from others, we are global leaders in our sector, and should not be afraid to share our knowledge, skills and expertise.  

I have always believed that a key strength of AGCAS lies in the contribution from all of our members, and the different perspectives we each offer. As President I want to ensure these views are harnessed and will do my utmost to act as an effective ambassador and champion for our Association, and to advocate and lobby on the life-changing value of high quality careers information, advice and guidance.

As a professional, I have managed careers services at Plymouth and Newcastle universities, and am currently Director of Student Experience at Newcastle. As a person, I watch and play football, am a keen runner and Parkrun volunteer, enjoy cycling and travel, and, when the opportunity presents, love performing in panto. Two of my daughters have graduated from University, including one this year, and my son has completed an apprenticeship.

We won’t solve all of our challenges in six months, or even two years, but what we do makes a positive difference. I have been so impressed, for example, by the speed at which our members have responded to Covid-19, moving online and keeping on supporting our stakeholders. This has provided powerful support for our work with the UUK, OfS and others – both at home in the UK, across the devolved nations, and internationally. To achieve maximum impact, we need as many members as possible to be actively involved in our work, and in so doing to represent the diverse views, interests and needs of all of our members.

In taking on this role I feel privileged to have the opportunity to work with a talented and dynamic Board, and AGCAS Team. I look forward to meeting you, either online or when the opportunity presents, in person.