ALO update on teaching in the FE sector

15 September 2016

In June 2016, Alison Proudlove, AGCAS Liaison Officer (ALO) for The Education & Training Foundation (ETF), met with a representative from the ETF to discuss further education (FE) teaching. Alison has since produced a detailed report giving an update on developments in the sector.

Sources of information on teaching in FE

As in previous years, the The Education & Training Foundation (ETF) recommend using the FE advice website for finding out updates in the sector.

Advisers and students can also call the advice line on 0300 303 1877 or they can also contact the organisation via email.

The issue still remains of there being nowhere to get a comprehensive list of FE courses. The Talent website, which was previously the best place to look, has unfortunately closed within the last year. A small number of FE courses use the UCAS Teacher Training application system, however, the list is limited. Therefore to obtain a full list for your local region, contacting the FE advice line above is still the best option. 

Issues discussed

The meeting covered a range of issues including:

  • Bursaries and funding
  • National teaching shortages
  • The Premium Graduate Initial Teacher Training Scheme
  • The Maths Graduate Recruitment Incentive Award project
  • The parity of different qualifications
  • Issues of moving between FE and schools and sixth forms
  • Working conditions in the sector

AGCAS members can download the full report below.

Download the report