The AGCAS Strategy

We are enabled by five core strategic areas:

Alongside our core strategic areas we are also focusing on four key topics: 

  • Academic Alignment
  • Data Insights
  • Regionalisation
  • Social Mobilty

For each area, there are strategic actions to support our mission and achieve our vision


AGCAS is the [UK and Ireland] expert membership organisation for higher education student career development and graduate employment professionals. Through our members, we support the best possible career outcomes from higher education for individuals, institutions, society and the economy.


Through the reach and expertise of our members, AGCAS is to be recognised as the [UK and Ireland] expert organisation for policy consultations and opinion on higher education student career development and graduate employment.

We will have achieved our mission and vision when:

  • AGCAS research supports our strategy areas and strategic themes
  • AGCAS has a network of influential stakeholders, including employers, to advise and support us
  • AGCAS delivers the professional development of the membership
  • AGCAS provides regular expert opinion on ‘issues of the day’
  • AGCAS has a robust and interlinked network of national and regional groups.


Download the full AGCAS Strategy