Vice-President role re-open for nominations

09 November 2018

The AGCAS Nominations Working Party (NWP) is re-opening the Vice-President role for further nominations.

Following shortlisting at the end of October the decision has been made to reopen nominations for the Vice-President role. One nomination was received for this role, this nomination was successful in shortlisting. The NWP are seeking at least one further nominee prior to the member vote for this role.

The new deadline for submissions is Wednesday 28 November.

The NWP will shortlist candidates for election by the membership based on the role criteria and giving due consideration to the makeup of the Board to ensure it is representative of the membership. View the NWP terms of reference.

Nominations are invited from Full Members of AGCAS, however the NWP would be particularly interested in nominations from the devolved nations, the North or south west England.

The Vice-President is a member of the AGCAS Board. Nominees need to be able to commit to the time requirements of the role and the legal obligations of a trustee. A standard term for these roles is three years. At this point you will have the opportunity to either leave the post, or continue into a second term.

The Vice-President works alongside the President, the Board and the AGCAS Executive Director to support the development and delivery of the AGCAS Vision and Strategy. The Vice-President takes a lead role in ensuring good governance of AGCAS, and also chairs the Remuneration Committee and the Nominations Working Party.

Nominations are sought from colleagues who are good general managers, with demonstrable experience in effective decision-making and a strong empathy with AGCAS’ mission.

The NWP are looking for someone to bring a fresh perspective to this role; they do not have to have experience of being on the AGCAS Board.

Role Description

Nomination Form

All nominees should complete the attached nomination form outlining how their skills and experience make them suitable for the role. All forms should be submitted to Elaine Boyes by 28 November 2018.

Shortlisting processes to date

The NWP first advertised the AGCAS Vice-President role to Heads of Service on the 31 August 2018, and to the wider membership on the 3 September 2018. Advertising for the role also took place at the AGCAS Annual Conference 2018. Nominations were open for six weeks, and closed on the 12 October 2018. View the original advertisement.

Shortlisting began week beginning 15 October 2018. Shortlisting was extended by one week.

During the shortlisting process, the received nominations were considered by the NWP. Scores were awarded against the criteria supplied in the Vice-President role description.

Should no further nominations be received the current nominee will be offered the Vice-President role.

If you have any queries please contact AGCAS Executive Director, Elaine Boyes.