Task group hellos, goodbyes and thank yous

06 March 2018

AGCAS could not function as a professional body without the time and support of our members. Over the past few months, we have had a number of task group and AGCAS Liaison Officer (ALO) volunteer changes. 

NHS Careers ALO 

Volunteer leaving

Lorna Dargan, Newcastle University 

New volunteer

Dashi Alpion, University of Birmingham 

Employer Engagement task group 

Members leaving

Caroline Crouch, Loughborough University
Suzanne Dickson, York St. John University
Emma Moore, University of Liverpool (Previous Chair)
Martin Perfect, University of Leicester

New joint chairs

Lucy Everett, University of Edinburgh 
Mona Vadher, City, University of London 

New members

Debbie Adams, Leeds Beckett University 
Sean Fisher, Coventry University 
Amber Woodfull, University of Derby 
Andrew Wright, King’s College London 
Sophie Wynne, Oxford Brookes University 

Legal Professions task group 

Member leaving

Chris Wilkinson, University of York (Previous Chair) 

New chair

Juliet Tomlinson, University of Oxford 

New members

Sarah Kinton, Nottingham Trent University 
Jos Harrison, Newcastle University 

Curriculum Design task group 

New members

Becci Hubbard, Nottingham Trent University (Chair)
Ruth O’Roirdan, University of Dundee (Opportunity share)
Lyndsay Pickering, University of Dundee (Opportunity share)
Darrin Beattie, Newcastle University
Claire Guy, Plymouth University
Sarah Longwell, Keele University
Aisling Flynn, Maynooth University
Amy Townsend, City, University of London
Gareth Hill, Swansea University 

Teaching and Related Professions task group 

Members leaving

Christine Smith, University of Bedfordshire
Margaret Evans, Northumbria University (Previous Chair) 

New chair

Abby Evans, University of Oxford 

New members

Paul Barnes, Portsmouth University 
Alison Proudlove, Manchester Metropolitan University 
Suzanne Agnew, University of Edinburgh

The AGCAS team would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported a task group and give a warm welcome to our new volunteers and Chair of the groups.