Recruitment for participating services - AGCAS Membership Quality Standard

16 January 2019

The AGCAS Professionalism Working Party [PWP] are looking for services to volunteer for the first cohort of the AGCAS Membership Quality Standard. This cohort will complete the process of self-evaluation and peer review against the standard as a condition of membership in 2019.

Any services who take part in the first cohort this year will not need to go through the process again until 2022.

Process and timescales

For those who are part of the first cohort will be asked to:

1. Complete the Self-evaluation document (SED) from April 2019 onwards including:

  • Service and institutional context (500 -750 words)
  • Evidence and self-assessed RAG against each pillar (200 – 500 words)
  • Developmental plan

During this phase, services will be allocated a suitable peer reviewer based on preferences provided from the participating service.

2. Have a conversation with their Peer Reviewer in June 2019

Feedback from Peer Reviewer will be provided shortly after with confirmation of achievement provided in July 2019.

Any services involved in the first cohort will be invited to provide feedback on their experience in completing the SED and review to inform developments.


If you would like to discuss further or would like to be part of the first cohort, please contact Marcus Andrews, AGCAS Membership Manager.

Deadline for declarations of interest: 16:00 Wednesday 27 February 2019

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