NUI Galway Wins the AGCAS Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Award 2021

25 June 2021

Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity

The winner of the AGCAS Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Award 2021 is NUI Galway.

The Transition to Employment programme attempts to bridge the gap for students with disabilities in NUI Galway as they navigate the challenges of transitioning into the graduate job market. It is a personalised career readiness programme that aims to promote self-efficacy with disclosure and seeking accommodations and enhance employability skills.

The programme uses agile methodology and UDL to design content and delivery.  Agile methodology values interactions and responds to empirical feedback and focuses on incremental development.  This “inspect-and-adapt” approach is critical to ensuring we meet the needs of all participants in real time. It is a tailored career guidance service which partners with industry and government agencies and NGOs such as Specialsterne Ireland.

Judges' comments

"The judges were particularly impressed with NUI Galway’s project methodology, the strong collaboration between different teams and the industry partnerships. The judges felt this stood as an example of how other services could strengthen their practice. Their ability to articulate how their agile methodology impacted the Transition to Employment programme made it stand out, and the outcomes of their work are very impressive."

The winner was announced at the AGCAS Awards for Excellence showcase webinar on 25 June 2021.