Leicester wins AGCAS Award for Employer Engagement 2017

13 September 2017

The winner of the 2017 AGCAS Award for Employer Engagement is the University of Leicester for their data-driven solution to working with key employers.  

The University of Leicester developed a Partnership Agreement with a number of key employers. The programme identified two key SMART objectives, which drive all engagement activity for the academic cycle. The Careers Service were conscious that the employers weren’t looking for an increase in application numbers, but were instead looking for the right students to apply. Therefore, objectives within the Partnership Agreements have been based on social mobility metrics and targeting, which has improved conversion rates across the recruitment process.  

This data driven approach meant that when the Partnership Agreement was developed with Enterprise Rent-A-Car (ERAC) it resulted in an 11% decrease in application volume. However, the conversion rate increased by 167%; leading to a total of 26 graduate hires, a 136% increase on 2015/16 outcomes.

Judges comments  

“I liked the focussed use of metrics to achieve better outcomes for employers, particularly in reducing quantity but increasing quality. It is obvious that the Partnership Agreements are mutually beneficial and are helping those students who most need it. I was also impressed by the percentage increase in conversion rates at assessment centres, thanks to the ability of the Careers Service to target help very specifically.”


“A sophisticated approach to transforming how an institution works with employers, and most importantly, how ‘working smarter’ can make a significant impact on student applications to organisations – very impressive.”