Graduate Outcomes update

19 July 2019

AGCAS continues to provide regular feedback to HESA about the Graduate Outcomes survey.

Our input is through representation on HESA's Graduate Outcomes Steering Group, via Naomi Oosman-Watts, AGCAS Director of Data Insights, and as part of the work of our strategic and operational Data Insights groups, including the recently-expanded Data Insights [Graduate Data] Group

The key discussion points from recent meetings are outlined briefly below. In many cases, this also includes further guidance/updates from HESA as a direct response to AGCAS feedback.  

  • Data files/analysis

In response to queries from AGCAS members about file structure guidance, HESA have advised that the common reference point for all three data sets is HUSID. Detailed file structures for each data set are available here

  • SIC/SOC coding

HESA have been receptive and responsive to feedback about SIC/SOC coding and invite further input from the sector via AGCAS to help identify systemic issues, which may not be apparent when viewed in isolation. Please continue to send your SOC/SIC coding feedback to Gemma Green, Head of External Relations. We are submitting a collated AGCAS view to HESA at regular intervals and will share their responses to queries with members as and when this is available.

  • Subjective wellbeing

HESA are exploring what measures should be put in place to ensure graduates are signposted to adequate support, where this is required, as a result of being asked to rate their levels of happiness, satisfaction, worthwhileness and anxiety. HESA are also considering the use/format of subjective wellbeing data outputs.

Asking graduates how they feel (HESA blog, 23 July 2019)

  • Survey outputs

In response to HESA's request for sector input, AGCAS will collaborate with the Higher Education Strategic Planners Association (HESPA) to help shape specifications and feedback requirements for survey outputs. This will be undertaken through consultation with our respective memberships in the autumn.

  • Cohort progress updates

Cohort A - Review (overall response rate 36%)

Cohort B - Review (overall response rate 45%)

Cohort C – Midpoint Review (current response rate of 35% as of 19 July 2019)

For further information about any of the above points, or about AGCAS Data Insights activity in general, please contact Gemma Green, Head of External Relations.