Futuretrack Stage 5: Graduate Careers Seven Years On

15 July 2019


Many AGCAS members will remember the interesting findings from the HECSU-funded Futuretrack survey that tracked 2005-06 UCAS applicants embarking on undergraduate studies across the full spectrum of UK universities and colleges.  AGCAS members provided enormous help throughout the four stages of the research, from application until (for most respondents) between 18 and 30 months after completing their degrees.  The research team at Warwick University now have Nuffield Foundation funding to do a fifth sweep of the survey, to find out what happened to this ‘recession generation’, most of whom graduated in 2009 or 2010.  A link to the survey has been sent to all Stage 4 respondents who had given permission to be followed up further. The further early-career graduates progress however, the more elusive they become.  Futuretrack are calling for your help again to ensure that they have done everything possible to maximise the response rate.  Futuretrack hope that you can help reach them via your websites and alumni networks.  Here is a short note that you can use if you have an obvious site or communication network where it might be effective.

Are you a member of the Futuretrack cohort, who successfully applied to UCAS for an undergraduate place in 2005-6 and started their studies as a UK-domiciled student in 2006, or after a gap year in 2007?  If so, you probably remember filling in a series of online questionnaires about your experience as a student and your career decisions. The research team at Warwick University has managed to obtain funding to follow members of this cohort for a fifth stage, to investigate how your careers have progressed since then. If you started out at university in 2006 and recall completing the survey in the past, and have not yet participated at Stage 5, check your email SPAM folder to see if you’ve been sent a personal link to the survey (which will enable us to link your response easily to your previous responses). If you haven't received a personal email, you can still complete the survey.

 Futuretrack welcome any other ideas to communicate with respondents.

You can find out more about Futuretrack here