Four more updated What can I do with my degree? titles live on Prospects

23 May 2019

There are four more updated What can I do with my degree? (WCIDWMD?) titles live on the Prospects website this month:

From Accounting and Finance to Zoology, view the full list of 100 subjects.

What does the WCIDWMD? series cover?

The WCIDWMD? series, produced by AGCAS in partnership with Prospects, provides an overview of the career paths available and different options open to current students and graduates. The titles in the series highlight the skills gained through study and include details of how students can make themselves more employable.

The sections covered are:

  • Job options - links to Job profiles giving in-depth information on particular careers relevant to a particular degree subject
  • Work experience - the types of work experience needed and ideas on where to find it
  • Typical employers - the types of employers recruiting graduates from particular degree subjects
  • Skills for your CV - subject specific and transferable skills developed on a particular degree course
  • Further study - options for further study after graduation
  • What do graduates in a particular degree subject do? - the latest statistics on the percentage of graduates employed, in further study, undertaking work and further study, or unemployed, as well as the areas of work they go in to six months after graduation.

For more information about the series or to provide a graduate case study to accompany one of the degree subjects, please contact