Falmouth University wins the AGCAS Strategic Innovation Award 2021

25 June 2021

Strategic Innovation

The winner of the AGCAS Strategic Innovation Award 2021 is Falmouth University.

RealWORKS is the innovative brand-new employability service for Falmouth University, focused on a digital-first delivery strategy and harnessing the University’s signature ‘REAL’ employability model to ensure all students ‘do it for real’. Recognising that the University could never deliver an effective service delivered along traditional models, the focus was on ensuring that all students were served with an institution-wide embedded employability approach. Underpinned by the ‘REAL’ model, employability is delivered through the core curriculum. Students are given an asynchronous customised digital ‘programme’ that aligns with their learning outcomes, supported by synchronous (live) delivery, deep-diving into selected content relevant to their professional development. Scalable to support every degree in the University, this approach builds the foundations for the next 10-years.

Judges' comments

“For such a small team, the breadth of impact Falmouth has managed to achieve across the institution is significant and impressive. The strong buy-in from key stakeholders and the clear alignment of the project with the strategic implementation focus of this category is what made them stand out amongst tough competition.”

The winner was announced at the AGCAS Awards for Excellence showcase webinar on 25 June 2021.