Edinburgh wins AGCAS Award for Internationalisation 2016

01 October 2016

The University of Edinburgh was crowned the winner of the AGCAS Award for Internationalisation, sponsored by UKCISA, at the 2016 AGCAS Awards for Excellence.

The University of Edinburgh's Careers Service supports the wider university's strategic aim of incorporating internationalisation in all areas of university activity. The service has an international development plan, which is reviewed and substantially altered every two years. In 2015, two of the department's initiatives really stood out for developing students' international mindset, outlook and ambition.

Global Horizons

The first initiative, Global Horizons, an internationalisation-themed week, incorporated a number of events, both physical and online. By running a full week of events, rather than having sporadic events spread across the semester, the department found higher engagement, attendance and retention of messages than in previous years. For example, the Go Abroad fair combined two previously-run separate events. Over 1,400 students attended, which was significantly higher than the combined total attending the two events in the previous year. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive from students, particularly around offering educational exchange, summer employment and volunteering opportunities overseas all at the same event. Exhibitors were equally pleased with the high numbers attending. The Global Horizons week also included a China and South East Asia Virtual Careers Fair (with a number of employers actively recruiting in that part of the world) in partnership with five other universities, with over 760 students from The University of Edinburgh taking part.

Global Leader Experience

The second standout scheme was the Global Leader Experience (GLE) event, which ran over four days. The event was set up to help students develop leadership skills, cultural intelligence and to thrive in multiple cultures. Over 100 students from a variety of nationalities worked collaboratively on a world challenge issue of 'urban sprawling'. Partners included graduate employers and local councils, who praised the scheme. GLE also received excellent feedback from students.

Steve Norman, Assistant Director at The University of Edinburgh, said:

"We are delighted to receive the AGCAS Award for Internationalisation. The University of Edinburgh has internationalisation as one of its key strategic aims so we know already our award has been very welcomed within the institution and has raised our profile even more."

Judges' comments

Awards judges were very impressed by the comprehensive programme of activities, which generated a great deal of interest amongst students. Edinburgh was particularly commended for its strategic, well-planned and well-resourced approach to internationalisation. Judges were also particularly impressed by the opportunities students were given to work alongside businesses.