Dundee wins AGCAS Award for Research and Informed Practice 2017

13 September 2017

The winner of the 2017 AGCAS Award for Research and Informed Practice 2017 is the University of Dundee for the research they carried out on their careers education modules embedded within the curriculum.  

The research used DLHE data and a sample of students who had taken one of the modules, and they were directly compared to a control group of students from the same course who had not. Statistics were then reported using The Odds Ratio. 

The research showed that if a student had taken a careers module, the odds of them reaching a positive destination (as defined by DLHE) were 21.9% higher than if they had not. Upon graduation 73% of students who had taken a careers module stated they had a plan of what they were going to do after graduation versus 51% of non-careers module students. 60.6% of careers module students have ranked themselves as feeling that university has prepared them well for life after graduation while 36.7% of those who didn’t take a careers module feel this way.  The research findings appeared on the front page of Times Higher Online for a week and have been presented in a number of national conferences.

Judges comments  

“It is clear that Dundee has tackled a topic of importance to the whole sector.”

“I was very impressed with the thoroughness of this research and the demonstrable link between participation in careers courses and long term employability which may have relevance for the whole sector.”