Daniel Mitchell wins AGCAS Outstanding Newcomer Award 2017

13 September 2017

The winner of the 2017 AGCAS Outstanding Newcomer Award 2017 is Daniel Mitchell from the University of Reading. 

Despite having only worked in careers and been an AGCAS member for 18 months, Daniel has consistently impressed colleagues by performing above and beyond their expectations. He has been in charge of two projects for the service – the Employability Award and the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme, and has vastly exceeded targets in both. 

Daniel has developed excellent relationships with staff across the university, including with the Deputy Vice Chancellor, resulting in increased funding opportunities for the department. During Summer 2016 he delivered, at short notice, and on top of existing work, the Vice-Chancellor’s China Scholarship scheme. This involved taking responsibility for visas, quality assuring overseas opportunities for Reading University students, and maintaining contact with the students and project partners in China. He has also made contributions to the wider team through leading the coordination of support for pre-entry students.  

Judges comments  

“I was really impressed with the influence Dan has managed to exert on such a range of stakeholders in such a short space of time. Influence is so important in Careers at the moment and Dan seems have reached far beyond the scope of his role. Dan has also taken on a lot of learning achieving a range of qualifications to complement the experience he has gained.”

“The contribution that this person has made to the university in such a short time has been significant, clearly impacting both the Careers team objectives as well as university wide strategic priorities. It’s also great to see the variety of projects that this person has led on so successfully within a short space of time.”