Call for Phoenix articles: Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

11 November 2019

The February 2020 issue of Phoenix, the AGCAS journal, will explore how university careers services are delivering enterprise education and enterprise-related activities to students. This edition aims to showcase best practice in service delivery by highlighting AGCAS member activity throughout the UK.

Article proposals

We are inviting articles from the wide variety of functions within HE careers and employability services, and from employers and other stakeholders, to address the areas highlighted below:

1) Service delivery

  • How are you delivering enterprise education/enterprise-related activities to students?
  • How are you supporting the development of students’ enterprise skills?
  • How are you delivering support to students with entrepreneurial aspirations and/or those exploring self-employment as a career option?
  • What is your approach to developing enterprising students?
  • To what extent is enterprise education and the development of enterprise skills embedded in the curriculum? What has your experience been of embedding/academic buy-in?
  • What skills development opportunities do you offer to students interested in exploring self-employment, starting a business, freelancing, side hustles?
  • How are you fostering the development of an enterprising mindset amongst students of all disciplines, including those not seeking business start-up support?
  • To what extent are you applying entrepreneurial thinking in the delivery and development of careers and employability support?

2) Collaborative activity

  • How are you working with other colleagues and departments within the institution to deliver business start-up/incubator support to students
  • How are you managing institutional relationships to ensure synergy between enterprise and careers?
  • How are you forging links between the careers service and local start-ups?
  • How successful have you been in engaging the business community to provide additional support to students?
  • Are you engaged in collaborative activities with professional bodies and/or unions to support graduate enterprise?
  • Are you part of a regional network engaged in a collaborative approach to creating local hubs for student and graduate enterprise?
  • How is your institution engaging with Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) as part of the wider enterprise agenda?
  • How has the creation of University Innovation and Enterprise Hubs enabled regional growth and community/industry sector collaborations?

3) Potential case studies

  • The entrepreneurial university - what is it and how can careers services contribute?
  • Approaches to CEIAG with enterprise / entrepreneurship at the forefront
  • Experience of working within a University Enterprise Zone
  • Where enterprise activity sits outside the careers service but within a shared broader department
  • Combining PGR with entrepreneurial activities to provide key meaningful outcomes for both academics and industry.

How to submit an article

Please email Gemma Green in the first instance with a brief outline to discuss your proposed article. You will then be allocated an editor from the Phoenix Editorial Group, who will offer full support throughout the writing and submission process. Articles should be submitted by deadline via the Phoenix article submission form, which outlines how to write for Phoenix. A one page article is around 600 words; a double-page spread is around 900 words.

The deadline for article proposals is Friday 6 December 2019.

The deadline for submission of final articles is Monday 6 January 2020.

For further information about the next issue or about writing for Phoenix, please contact Gemma Green, Head of External Relations.