Call for articles: Phoenix, October 2020 – Responding to Covid-19

27 July 2020

The October 2020 issue of Phoenix, the AGCAS journal, will illustrate how university careers services have responded to the Covid-19 pandemic.

We invite articles that profile how members have adapted to the delivery of fully online/remote services, and the changes to how careers services have functioned since March.

Our aim is to use this issue of the AGCAS journal to:

  • illustrate how careers services are operating four months on from lockdown, building on the case studies we shared with Universities UK in April which highlighted the initial response
  • demonstrate to external stakeholders careers services' agility and innovation in responding to Covid-19
  • highlight to members the support available within the AGCAS community at this time through the sharing of good practice.

 Article proposals

Articles are invited from AGCAS members fulfilling the wide range of roles within HE careers and employability services. Articles should seek to address one or more of the themes below:

  • Drawing on the modes of delivery and approaches deployed at the very start of lockdown, what lessons have you learned through trial and error? How have you been reflecting on the experience and the learning curve brought about by the pandemic to shape delivery?
  • How did your experience of delivering provision online before lockdown make the transition into a Covid-19 world and your immediate response to the pandemic easier?
  • Futureproofing delivery: what factors are you already considering in the event of a second wave?
  • Stakeholder engagement: how have students, employers and other stakeholders responded to the new ways of engaging with careers services?
  • What have been the benefits of delivering fully online/remote services? And the challenges?
  • What are your approaches to supporting students as they navigate a challenging and changing graduate labour market?

We are particularly interested in sourcing articles that capture the student voice to hear direct experiences of engaging with careers services in the current climate.

Next steps

Please email Gemma Green by Friday 14 August with a brief outline of your proposed article. You will then be allocated an editor from the Phoenix Editorial Group, who will offer full support throughout the writing and submission process.

Word count

The following word counts are intended as a guideline:

  • 500 words for a one-page article
  • 850 words for a double-page spread

Key deadlines

The deadline for article proposals is Friday 14 August 2020.

The deadline for submission of final articles is Wednesday 2 September 2020.

Find out more

For further information about the next issue or about writing for Phoenix, please contact Gemma Green, Head of External Relations.