AGCAS Scotland PPG vacancies

02 July 2018

The AGCAS Scotland Professional Practice Group (PPG) is seeking to recruit two new members. 

About the task group 

The group is active and enthusiastic and is very keen to welcome new members working in any role within a Careers and Employability Service in Scotland who share their interest in supporting our members within the AGCAS Scotland community to enhance their professional development.  The Group reports to AGCAS(S) Strategic Development Group and AGCAS(S) Heads Group. The remit of this group is to “provide support for the continuing professional development of members and to manage communications from the sub groups to the wider membership.”

To meet this objective the group has 4 key priority areas:

29 PPG

What we are looking for 

At present, we are seeking two new members – one to support the Conference & Events area and one to support the Website & Communication area.    The group meets three or four times a year.


Please feel free to contact the Professional Practice Group Chair, Ruth O’Riordan with any questions you might have about the task group or for an informal conversation. 

How to apply 

If you are interested in becoming a member of the PPG, please submit a CV and a short statement (guideline of around 500 words) explaining your interest in joining, any relevant experience and what you believe you could contribute.  A Word document or PDF would be preferred, as submissions will be circulated to group members to read.

Please email your statement of interest to Ruth O’Riordan by the closing date of Sunday 22nd July 2018.