AGCAS launch Publications Review 2020

20 January 2021

The AGCAS Publications Review 2020 is now available for members to download. It looks back in detail at all the updated publications produced in 2020 by the AGCAS Publications Team in collaboration with our partners, Prospects and Group GTI.

Looking back

2020 was a year of unprecedented challenges for students, graduates and higher education careers and employability professionals, who swiftly adapted provision to support a generation faced with an uncertain labour market.

At a time when fewer graduate jobs are available, it is more important than ever that students and graduates have access to the information, advice and guidance they need to identify emerging opportunity structures and make informed decisions about their future.

With this in mind, the AGCAS Publications Team spent 2020 ensuring that our current provision of online careers information remained up to date and relevant.

What does the review cover?

The Review includes links to all the content researched and updated last year, ensuring you have a complete list of all our latest resources at your fingertips.

It also outlines what resources we produce, who our publishing partners are and who writes and updates our publications.


Looking forward to 2021

As the future of the graduate labour market remains uncertain, we will continue to put our efforts into consolidating our current provision of resources to support AGCAS members in their work with students and graduates.

Get in touch

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