Supporting AGCAS members during Covid-19: Online resources to share with your students

20 April 2020

With the current generation of students and graduates facing an uncertain labour market and likely to bear the brunt of a looming global recession, it is more important than ever for them to receive remote, well-researched careers information.

It has become clear that there will be fewer graduate jobs on offer and it's important that students and graduates are aware of the non-linearity of career paths and are able to consider the full range of opportunities available.

Careers services are working tirelessly to ensure that students have access to the information, advice and guidance they need to make informed decisions about their futures. AGCAS provides a wealth of online resources to support this work, in collaboration with our partners Prospects and Group GTI. We hope that these resources can go some way towards helping provide relevant information on the wide range of possible career options available.

Job profiles

AGCAS has 500 Job profiles produced in collaboration with Prospects. These cover a range of roles that new and recent graduates are most interested in. Profiles provide information about:

  • qualifications and other entry requirements
  • salaries
  • work experience
  • key skills
  • typical employers
  • vacancy sources
  • professional development
  • career prospects.

The profiles also include links to alternative careers that may help students and graduates expand their job search into other related areas.

What can I do with my degree?

The 100 titles in the What can I do with my degree? series, also produced in partnership with Prospects, may be particularly useful during the current crisis as they provide an overview of the many different options open to current students and graduates from particular degree subjects.

Case studies add an extra dimension as they show how varied the opportunities can be and encourage students to think outside the box and consider roles they may not previously have thought about.


There will be many students and graduates interested in a career in teaching and the Teaching series provides information on the many different training routes available, tips for getting a place on a training course and how to stand out when looking for a teaching job.

Education Alternatives is another valuable resource that provides information on a whole range of careers related to education, but outside mainstream teaching.

This series is produced in partnership with Group GTI and is written by the AGCAS Teaching and Related Professions Task Group, supported by the AGCAS Publications Team.

The information is also available online as a digital magazine.  


A new website,, has launched to provide careers and employability information to students in light, and as a result, of the COVID-19 crisis. NextStepSupport is a partnership between AGCAS, ASET, ISE, GTI and The Student Room.

The website has been designed as a free, open resource to support the activities of students, employers and universities by:

  • Providing employability content and tools
  • Directing students back to their university careers service 
  • Offering employers the opportunity to provide hiring updates and to run virtual and digital events and skills sessions through the site, alongside usual engagement with careers services.

Still open for business

AGCAS continues to update all these resources on an ongoing basis so that they remain relevant and current for the benefit of students, graduates, careers professionals and the wider HE community.

Each month we provide an update via ARENA, LinkedIn and Twitter on which resources have been updated and provide links to the most up-to-date versions.

If you have any queries about any of our publications, please email