Call for articles: Phoenix, June 2020 – The Research Issue

12 March 2020

The June 2020 issue of Phoenix, the AGCAS journal, will be dedicated to research.

Research scope

We invite articles that highlight research covering the wide range of themes that fall within the broad areas of HE student career development, employability, graduate transitions/employment or the graduate labour market, of any submission type (commissioned research, small-scale practitioner research, Masters dissertation, PhD thesis, etc) and from those new to research/early career researchers as well as experienced researchers.

 Article proposals

Articles are invited from AGCAS members fulfilling the wide range of roles within HE careers and employability services, and from researchers, academic colleagues, and other stakeholders.

  • Have you recently completed a research project, either individually or in collaboration with others? What was the focus of the research? What prompted you to undertake the research?
  • Has research collaboration helped you to build relationships with academics/other professional services colleagues/employers to further areas of common interest? What has been the impact of collaborative activity?
  • Do you have experience of creating new knowledge through research, turning research findings into practical day-to-day service delivery?

By producing a research-focused issue, we are eager to:

  • share insights into the latest research in HE careers and employability
  • share research expertise and experiences within and beyond the careers and employability sector
  • inspire AGCAS members who are new to research but with an interest in undertaking practitioner research
  • demonstrate how research can be used to tackle key issues in the sector
  • help grow the body of research relevant to careers and employability, to inform professional practice and influence HE policy
  • empower AGCAS members to see day-to-day careers and employability practice as potential research material
  • offer a platform for AGCAS members to showcase/disseminate research findings

Next steps

Please email Gemma Green in the first instance with a brief outline of your proposed article. On acceptance of your proposal, you will then be allocated an editor from the Phoenix Editorial Group, who will offer full support throughout the writing and submission process.

Word count

Articles should be submitted by deadline via the Phoenix article submission form. The following word counts are intended as a guideline:

  • 500 words for a one-page article
  • 850 words for a double-page spread

Key deadlines

The deadline for article proposals is Monday 6 April 2020.

The deadline for submission of final articles is Monday 27 April 2020.

Find out more

For further information about the next issue or about writing for Phoenix, please contact Gemma Green, Head of External Relations.