AGCAS Position Statement: We must take shared responsibility and actions to stamp out racism in all forms

01 September 2020

In recent months, we have been reminded of how racism remains in society and how likely it is to be a lived experience for all those from an ethnic minority background. We know we have far to go in building fair and truly inclusive societies and organisations that represent all, and we must all take responsibility through our own actions to commit to positive change. Membership associations like AGCAS are a part of society and we will commit to being part of the solution to ending racism.

AGCAS recognises within the higher education careers and employability profession, that despite greater focus on diversity and inclusion initiatives in recent years for both professionals and our stakeholders, there is yet more work to be done to tackle racism. We must continue to challenge ourselves to get to the heart of the issue, address the less visible barriers and remove cultures that allowed racism to persist.

We are reaching out to hear what we must do to help our members and the profession, and we are looking to ourselves as a community to be the change that is needed.

We will focus work on a number of key areas across AGCAS to support us in taking action to stamp out racism:

  • Establish an Equality and Diversity Advisory Group of AGCAS members, who will support our Board of Directors, committees, working parties, task groups and other volunteer groups by providing advice and guidance on the development of any AGCAS initiatives. Details regarding the recruitment of volunteers for this group will be sent out by end of September 2020.
  • Explore with candour, our understanding of inclusivity and diversity within the higher education careers and employability profession through further research and using our findings as a basis for change.
  • Continue our efforts to improve access and progression within the profession through our strategic pillars, especially Learning and Quality.
  • Improve recognition by highlighting the practice of those within our profession, and amongst our stakeholders, who demonstrate particular successes in diversity and inclusion.
  • Through our advocacy work, influence discussions around improving practices related to our profession and concerning race equality.

The AGCAS Board and Senior Management Team promise to keep listening, dedicate internal resources to improve our support to all members and keep up our efforts going forward.