The AGCAS Vision: Through the reach and expertise of our members, AGCAS is to be recognised as the [UK and Ireland] expert organisation for policy consultations and opinion on higher education student career development and graduate employment

By responding to consultations and calls for evidence, AGCAS will influence local and national policy, continue to champion members’ views on crucial issues, and meet our strategic aims.

How we respond to consultations

AGCAS will continue to engage with external stakeholders and proactively seek out consultations and calls for evidence that are in the interest of our members. We will identify relevant AGCAS groups across our regions and nations, including committees, task groups and working parties, and draw on their support to develop the AGCAS response. We will share responses with the entire AGCAS community for consultation and refinement to define the AGCAS position on key issues.

For more information about how AGCAS responds to consultations, contact Gemma Green, Head of External Relations.

Open consultations

There are no open consultations at this time.