AGCAS Phoenix, February 2018 – Social Mobility

The issue of social mobility could not be more current, with several major reports at the end of last year highlighting that the UK is not matching progress in other developed countries. Whilst participation in higher education (HE) has widened since 2006, successful progression and high quality outcomes for non-traditional students (NTS) have been more stubborn measures to shift.

HE careers services are centre stage. The latest AGCAS Graduate Labour Market Survey identified that nearly three quarters of UK university careers services delivered targeted initiatives for widening participation (WP) students in the 2016/17 academic year, and that most of us are now using data more widely to better understand students’ career readiness, to target resources and to provide more personalised support. Our job is not to resolve the issues that lead to social immobility but we all have opportunities to influence our students and employees at crucial points in their lives. How we use those opportunities is key.

This is an area where the value of a professional network like AGCAS can be realised. Working with one another, and with key partners, we can learn and innovate and deliver life-changing support and work experiences. Together, our mission is to equalise access to all careers, institutions and organisations, and to help students develop the confidence and skills needed to unlock their career possibilities wherever in the country or wherever on the planet they may be.

In this issue you will find articles that provide valuable insights and inspiring examples of the delivery of exceptional support to students and graduates, including both targeted and all-student approaches.

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