AGCAS Phoenix, February 2020 - Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

This issue of Phoenix highights the collaborative activity taking place across higher education institutions to synergise careers, employability and enterprise. The partnership working on show serves to highlight how enterprise activity can be nurtured across structural boundaries to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

AGCAS members are being enterprising themselves in crafting service delivery, taking an entrepreneurial approach to the development and running of programmes of activity via a range of different formats, to support students’ career development needs.

There are examples of embedded, co-curricular and extracurricular delivery of enterprise education to a diverse student (and graduate) body, which has led to engagement from previously unengaged groups and fruitful collaborations with alumni, academics and local business communities.

Common to many of the initiatives featured in this issue is how careers and employability practitioners are using new language and switching messaging away from the narrow definitions of enterprise and entrepreneurialism, to empower students to explore what being entrepreneurial means in their own career context and understand the overlaps between working independently and being employed.

As graduates are increasingly required to demonstrate greater career agility to navigate an ever complex and transient labour market, a deeper understanding and interpretation of what it is to be entrepreneurial has never been more important.

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