AGCAS Phoenix, February 2017 – The Placements Issue

This issue features articles from many different perspectives: students, placements professionals, employers and academics. Questions arise around who manages placements activity? Are students engaging with the opportunities presented to them? If not, why not? How can we improve conversion rates from initial student interest to placement participation? And, what happens if things go wrong? The AGCAS Placement and Work Based Learning Task Group share their important research into how best to safeguard placement students faced with a crisis.

We also feature articles that consider the role of placements as an institutional marketing tool, explore the benefits of placements from the postgraduate perspective and we hear how colleagues have worked hard to gain the trust of academic staff.

The common theme throughout this issue is that one size does not fit all when it comes to placement provision. AGCAS members are experimenting with a variety of different approaches to engage and support students and provide a range of opportunities – and they don’t always work. We hear a successful story of ‘failure’ and how this experience has enhanced and shaped new services.

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