AGCAS First-Year Student Career Readiness Survey – Research Report

The AGCAS First-year Student Career Readiness Survey reveals students' different levels of career readiness on arrival at university. The survey explores previous experiences of careers support, motivations for course choice, steps already taken to enhance employability, engagement in career-related activities and future career plans.

The key findings from the latest survey, now in its third year, have been drawn from the responses of students who started university study in 2017/2018 at 19 universities in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Key questions were posed in an attempt to better understand first-year students:

  • What factors might affect first-year students’ careers readiness?
  • What can careers practitioners and other stakeholders do to better support first-year students?

These research questions were answered through investigation of the following aspects, which literature suggests link strongly to students’ career choices and planning:

  • Social capital and cultural capital
  • CEIAG provided and used before university
  • Career-related activities undertaken before university and at university
  • Possible constraints to career planning
  • Careers support expected at university

The research findings were launched at the 2018 AGCAS Research Conference on 11 July 2018 by Dr Bob Gilworth.

Key findings: Launch presentation