What do graduates do? Regional edition

This region-by-region guide is based on data from the 2016/17 Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey and outlines the main jobs, occupations and industries that graduates enter in each area, in addition to occupational shortages. The report dispels the myth that students leave home to study then move elsewhere (commonly assumed to be London) to work. In fact, graduate mobility is far more complex and nuanced:

  • 58% of graduates remained in the region they had studied in to work
  • 69% went to work in their home domiciled region
  • 45% of graduates never moved - they attended the local university then worked locally

The report highlights that there is no such thing as a 'UK graduate labour market' as it differs so widely by region and population size. The sector must take a far more local view of labour markets to draw out the individual characteristics for each area, as highlighted by the data analysis in the report.

Careers and employability professionals are increasingly aware of the crucial role that universities play in their local region. As a sector, we should endeavour to understand why graduates make their migration decisions and use our collective voice to further influence regional and national graduate employment initiatives.