AGCAS Phoenix, February 2019 - Supporting Disabled Students

The February 2019 issue of Phoenix explores how higher education careers services are supporting disabled students. It offers a snapshot of the wide-ranging student-centred initiatives being delivered by AGCAS members throughout the UK, including:

  • Activity to support and empower disabled students as they transition into the world of work
  • Discourse around disclosure
  • Facilitating opportunities for disabled students to gain meaningful and valuable work experience
  • Collaboration with employers to enhance their disability awareness. 

Since 2002, AGCAS has published What Happens Next?, which reports on the first destinations of disabled and non-disabled graduates. Over the years, the research has provided insights into the effect a disability can have on the prospects of graduates.

One of the key themes emerging from the most recent What Happens Next? report is the disadvantage experienced by graduates with a social communication/Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). A significant chunk of this issue of Phoenix is dedicated to highlighting specialist careers support and initiatives designed and delivered by university careers services to enable ASD students to increase their confidence and identify their strengths and talents as they consider future opportunities. 

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